How to choose the right drone propellers

How to choose the right drone propeller

To choose the appropriate drone propellers, we first look at the KV value on the motor

Motor KV value: motor speed (no load) = KV value X voltage; for example, the speed (no load) of the KV135 motor at 10V is 1,350 rpm.

The higher the KV of the motor, the smaller the torque provided. Therefore, the KV value is closely related to the pulp. The following provides the experience of blending:

2388 propeller, 23 represents the long diameter is 23 inches, 88 represents the pulp angle (pitch). The first two digits represent the diameter, and the last two digits represent the pitch.

The battery's discharge capacity, the maximum continuous current is: capacity X discharge C number, such as: 1500MA, 10C, then the maximum continuous current is = 1.5X10 = 15A

If the battery is operated for more than 15 amps or more for a long time, the battery life will be shortened, and the battery's full voltage single chip 4.15-4.20 is suitable, and the minimum voltage after use is 3.7 or higher (remember not to overcharge) , The long-term storage voltage is preferably 3.9.

The general motor and pulp are matched as follows:

With 3S battery; KV900-1000 motor is equipped with 1060 or 1047 slurry, 9 inch slurry is also available

KV1200-1400 with 9050 (9 inch pulp) to 8 * 6 pulp
KV1600-1800 around 7 inch to 6 inch pulp
5 inch pulp around KV2200-2800

4530 slurry around KV3000-3500

Under 2S battery; 9050 slurry for KV1300-1500
7060 slurry around KV1800
5x3 pulp for KV2500-3000
KV3200-4000 around 4530 slurry

The relationship between the size of the drone propellers and the current: because the larger the pulp, the higher the efficiency of generating thrust

For example: the same 3S battery, the current is 10A (assuming)
With KV1000 with 1060 slurry and KV3000 with 4530 slurry, the thrust produced by the former is twice that of the latter.

The relationship between drone,motor and propeller:

In general: the larger the drone propellers, the greater the reverse torque generated by the drone, so the size of the pulp has a certain relationship with the wingspan of the aircraft, but the pulp and the motor also have the above-mentioned relationship.

For example, with 1060 propeller, the wingspan of the aircraft must be more than 80CM, otherwise the phone will easily cause reverse twist; if you use 8 * 6 pulp wingspan, it must be more than 60.