India bans import of finished agriculture drone spraying device except drone accessories

agriculture drone spraying device

A senior official from India's DPPQS said three relevant departments of the government are working together to speed up the adoption of agriculture drone spraying device. He said the Central Pesticide Board under DPPQS had received applications from eight crop protection companies seeking permission to conduct drone trials.

Prakash, who almost discussed the issue at an industry roundtable organised by CropLife India and non-profit thinkAg, said drones are affordable for farmers and help produce quality products.

"The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the Ministry of Agriculture and CIB&RC are working together to accelerate the application and adoption of drones in the agricultural sector, including crop health monitoring and soil nutrient spraying," Prakash said at the roundtable discussion, according to a statement.
Flydragon 16L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture

Asitava Sen, CEO of industry body CropLife India, said the policy framework for drones is in place and now is the perfect time to promote drones in the agricultural sector.

"We should look at how all stakeholders can work together to help develop an ecosystem that is conducive to the use of drones in agriculture, especially agrochemical spraying," he said.

This will help drone pilots obtain drone piloting licenses valid for 10 years. Such training is both mandatory and essential to ensure optimal and correct handling of drones, he said, adding that the institute also plans to collaborate with other central and state agricultural universities and institutes to develop new technologies in India promotion.

Smit Shah, chairman of the Indian Drone Federation, said that in order to help the development of domestic drone manufacturing in India, India has banned the import of finished agriculture drone spraying device, but the basic components of drones, including drone motor, drone frame and batteries, can be used without restrictions. import.