Indian company uses drones to fight mosquitoes

The Greater Chennai Company of India started to use drones to combat the threat of mosquitoes. Citizen groups rented three drones. The drone is operated by well-trained pilots sent by Anna University. These drones weigh 45 kg and have two fuel tanks. One fuel tank contains 3 liters of gasoline, and the other contains 10 kilograms of larvicides.

The drone will be used to spray larvicides in the city's 5 main canals and 31 small canals. "We will check the density of larvae in the water body after a week of operations. This will provide accurate information regardless of whether the move is successful or not," said S Selvakumar, Chief Vector Control Officer, Chennai Company

Although the city has approximately 230 kilometers of waterways, including rivers and canals, only more than 140 kilometers of waterways have been tested. Citizen groups have recruited drones and pilots from the Avionics Department of Anna University. These drones use gasoline as fuel, so they fly longer. "Although certain types of mosquitoes do not transmit diseases, they can cause nuisance. An international study found that due to lack of proper sleep, mosquitoes can affect the work efficiency of employees. Our plan is to make the city free of mosquitoes. Threat," Selva Kumar said.

Citizen groups said that in addition to saving time and manpower, they have also taken measures to deploy drones to spray larvicides to ensure the safety of workers. Selvakumar said Chennai was the first city in the country to use drones in mosquito control measures, adding that citizen officials in other cities have shown interest in the project and are contacting officials here for more details.

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