Indian uses fumigation drone to kill mosquitoes to fight dengue virus spread

fumigation drone

A total of 518 patients have contracted dengue in India this year, and as the number of dengue patients rises, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation has approved the use of drones for fumigation in hard-to-reach areas

fumigation system
Sites along Yamuna Khadar may be fumigated by drones. “A three-kilometer area has been identified for pesticide spraying. There are several areas in East Delhi that are difficult to fumigate because there are dense forests, thorny bushes, and the soil is soft. A lot of times, we of fumigation vehicles are bogged down. With drones we hope to fumigate these sites," said Ajay Handa, additional medical and health officer at EDMC.

Meanwhile, the department has identified several vulnerable and affected areas and paid special attention to them. In these hotspots, the government dispatched a team of drones to spray insecticides in large areas to kill infected mosquitoes to stop the mosquitoes from spreading the dengue virus.