Indonesia deploys UVA for border surveillance

FDG30 Mako Shark VTOL UVA for border surveillance

Flydragon FDG30 Mako Shark long enurance VTOL uav for border surveillance

The Indonesian border guards have carried out routine patrols by deploying surveillance uav equipped with cameras to check Indonesian border markings along the Indonesia-Malaysia border as border markings on the Indonesian-Malaysian border were vandalized by palm plantations.

"The condition of the border signs is monitored by deploying surveillance uav. If the border signs are damaged, we will repair them in time," said Major General Suleiman Agusto, regional military commander, in Kapuashu, West Kalimantan province, on Sunday. Said during a working visit to the border area of Lu.

Agusto said "Border Patrol earlier found a border sign damaged by activity on a palm plantation in Malaysia." He revealed that a team had been dispatched to repair and reinstall the border marking.

“The workers are Indonesian, but the plantations are owned by Malaysians. The damage may have been caused by negligent observation of border markings at work, but the damage has been repaired and patrols and surveillance drones will continue to monitor the movement of palm plantations in the border area. , to ensure that no other border signs were damaged," Agusto noted.

FDG30 Mako shark VTOL uav solution for border surveillance



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