NDVI Cameras with Drone

What is NDVI?

NDVI is a simple metric which indicates the health of vegetation. When near infrared hits the leaf of a healthy plant it is reflected back into the atmosphere. As the amount of chlorophyll produced in a plant decreases less near infrared is reflected. This can be used to see the overall health of a crop. The NDVI algorithm compares the reflected intensities of near infrared (NIR) and visible light 

Image depicting two plants; left (healthy) and right (unhealthy) with NDVI reflectance VI algorithm. Courtesy of NASA.

How Does DroneDeploy Calculate NDVI?

The values are calculated for each pixel of your map, giving them an index in the range -1 to 1.


< 0

Inanimate / dead material, e.g. roads, buildings, soil or dead plants

0 -> 0.33

Unhealthy plant material

0.33 -> 0.66

Healthy plant material

-> 0.66

Very healthy plant material

What kind of camera do I need on my drone?

Standard cameras capture Red, Green, and Blue light.

Modified cameras capture some combination of Near Infrared, Red, Green, and Blue light depending on the model.

The graph above explains the wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum captured by each type of camera. Source: By Victor Blacus (SVG version of File:Electromagnetic-Spectrum.png) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

There are two options for cameras

  1. Use a standard RGB camera with the VARI algorithm. *RGB Plant Health maps are only significant when using the VARI algorithm. The VARI algorithm can be used to see the "greenness" of a crop.
  2. Purchase a modified camera that captures Near Infrared Light.

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