New drone technical bring innovation on Fire fighting, SAVING LIVES!

Fire fighting drone

The high floors of the city are rising and the floors are getting higher and higher, which brings great challenges to fire rescue. The fire floor equipment on the floor is too high to quickly reach the control of the fire, and can only be allowed to ravage the fire, causing major fire accidents. In response to this problem, we have developed a dual fire-fighting drone that has a large load capacity, strong wind resistance, high throwing precision, and can fire fire extinguishers remotely in a complex fire weather environment. At the same time, it can also spray fire-extinguishing powder at close range. The double fire fighting drone is a special fire fighting drone for high-rise buildings.

It features a folding fuselage design, super-load and anti-shock design, fast access to high-rise fire scenes, high-powered cameras to observe fire, and firearms to launch firefighting drones.


1. 30x optical zoom camera (can adopt thermal cameras and Infrared cameras as client require).

2. Launch extinguishing system to break glass window and blow ABC powder extinguishing agent.

3. Carry Lidar for Intelligent obstacle avoidance system.

4. Night vision aiming system.

5. Carry ABC powder extinguishing agent.

6. Electronic quick control in APP software.

7. IP65 three defense capabilities.

Ultra-strong load and anti-shake design, combined with high-powered scope and high frame rate camera with night vision function, high launch accuracy, capable of remotely and accurately launching fire extinguishers in complex fire weather conditions. Through the picture transmission, the aiming target point is displayed on the ground control end in real time, which greatly improves the shooting accuracy and improves the rescue efficiency.

Under the fuselage of the double-fired drone, a rocket fire extinguisher and fire extinguisher are mounted. The fire power of the fire is the rocket launching power system. The effective launching distance is 40 meters, and the fire extinguishing tube is 4.8 meters in length (the shortest can bead justed to 1.2). Meter). Fire-fighting sets and fire extinguishers are filled with special fire-extinguishing agents. Under high-floor scenes, fire source points can be accurately and effectively hit, providing high-altitude fire suppression for fire rescue.

Using laser radar technology, the intelligent obstacle avoidance system is made of high-precision sensors. The laser ranging can reach 100m, and it can recognize obstacles other than 3-15m (adjustable) in the front direction and brake deceleration to prevent accidental operation. Risk to protect your flight safety. Double protection against obstacles and ranging makes your flight safer and increases the probability of rescue.

Drones used for firefighting operations are equipped with add-ons, including:

  • Thermal cameras to identify fire sources and hot spots;
  • Infrared cameras that detect humans and animals;
  • Extinguishing agent takes, including powder, foam, water, or specialized liquids;
  • Mist distributors that spray a cooling mist to let drones and firefighters get closer to a fire;
  • High-definition cameras that can help identify products and codes on packaging to determine potentially dangerous and flammable goods.