Parrot launches 3D obstacle avoidance Anafi Ai 4G drone

French drone manufacturer Parrot has just released a unique 4G drone, which is the Anafi Ai that supports 3D obstacle avoidance. With the blessing of cellular mobile networks, it can gain a better and wider range of use, supplemented by a new 3D vision system that helps avoid obstacles.

Anafi Ai has a cantilever with four rotors to support folding storage, which can shrink from 320×440×118 mm to 304×130×118 mm, and weighs only 1.98 pounds (approximately 0.9 kg).  Parrot said that Anafi Ai can prepare for the flight in 60 seconds, with a flying speed of 34 mph (about 55 km/h). The built-in 6800 mAh battery can support its flight for 32 minutes, and the aircraft has IPX3 level rainproof features.

Compared with many competing products, Anafi Ai can also be connected to remote controllers and the cloud through the onboard 4G LTE modem module. For users who need to perform remote autonomous tasks, this can greatly simplify their operations.

Although Anafi Ai also supports Wi-Fi, Parrot still believes that 4G can better release the characteristics of this drone. Even if it is separated from the operator by buildings or other obstacles, it can perform related operations quite flexibly.

It is reported that Anafi Ai will automatically check the link optimization every 100ms or so. If the 4G network becomes slow or completely interrupted, the system will instantly switch to a Wi-Fi hotspot within the available range. If the control distance is still exceeded, the user can customize the return home or let it go to other designated locations.

It is worth mentioning that Parrot also equips Anafi Ai with a unique binocular 3D camera array, so that it can observe up and down like binocular insects in nature. In addition, with the support of the onboard AI technology, the aircraft can achieve obstacle avoidance more intelligently.

As for the main camera, Anafi Ai is equipped with a 48MP sensor on the 6-axis gimbal, supporting 4K60 frames and HDR10 wide dynamic range, and 6X zoom. According to the official statement, the machine can see centimeter-level details from 75 meters (240 feet) away.

In addition, the machine supports rich manual control, can shoot 48 million pixel static images at a frame rate of 1fps, and has a measurement accuracy of 0.46 cm/pixel at a distance of 30 meters, so it is very suitable for data collection in bridges, constructions, construction sites, etc. jobs.

In terms of security, the drone is equipped with a proprietary public key and private key chip, and a digital signature is placed on each photo data set to prevent unauthorized modification. In addition, with the Air SDK, developers can easily create applications for Anafi Ai.