Spitfire drone to kill wasp

After the modification, the Spitfire drone came in handy. The operator is very familiar with driving the drone to fly over the hive, then dive into it, press the ignition switch, a burst of flame is sprayed on the hive, the hive is burned to ashes, the wasp died, scattered, and the entire hive was nestled. end. Nearby residents praised the Blue Sky Search and Rescue Team, "Thank you for the efforts of the Blue Sky Search and Rescue Team to eliminate harm for the people. Starting today, I will not be afraid of being bitten by a bee!

It is reported that there are still 110 honeycombs that have not been wiped out, and multiple Spitfire drones are required to operate simultaneously in the air. At that time, the Spitfire drone vs. Hornet will be staged, just like a science fiction movie.

Fire shooting drones, it turns out, are a good stand-in for risky jobs like clearing powerlines of trash and controlled forest management and agriculture burns. They can even be used for pest elimination, as evidenced by a bananas promotional clip of the hell drone clearing a nest.

drone flame thrower attachment can spray 3-5 meters., it can suit for most of drone which can payload 9kg.

FlyDragon NDLY600  pro Flamethrower Specification

Rated voltage: DC 24V
Rated power: 300W
Spray distance: 4-6 meters (without wind)
Jet oil: gasoline
Use environment: -30 °C —- 40 °C
Power interface form: XT30
Maximum volume: 5L
Product size: 1400MM*320MM*280MM
Ignition form: high voltage pulse ignition
Weight: 3.2KGS (do not include gasoline )