Swissdrones's drone power line automated inspection program

Swissdrones successfully completed the UAV-based power line inspection project in accordance with the requirements of the French grid operator RTE. This project is an important part of RTE's MOMARTE plan. According to RTE's requirements, many companies participated in the project development work, and only Swissdrones met the project goals and requirements.

During the acceptance test of the project, the small unmanned helicopter of Swissdrones was equipped with a variety of payloads (two 100 MP camera systems and one 150 MP camera system), pre-programmed according to the flight plan given by RTE. The drone flies automatically along a 400 kV power line between Éguzon and Rueyres for 1 to 2 kilometers, and collects high-resolution images of the power line in real time.

RTE places a hypothetical target power line (a cut, defective cable) at a specific location on the power line. During the test, the image data collected by Swissdrones UAV was processed by RTE's automatic inspection algorithm, and the power line defect was successfully and clearly identified. The UAV platform successfully developed by Swissdrones, Phase One and GGS Solutions can meet the requirements of RTE's grid infrastructure automation deployment goals.

FD-HC3600 Unmanned helicopter for power line inspection

FlyDragon FD-HC3600 Specifications:

Main wing diameter: 3600mm
Maximum take-off weight: 120kg
Maximum Payload: 35kg
Cruising speed: 80km/h
Maximum flying altitude: 2000m
Life time: 2h with 20L fuel
Engine: water-cooled rotary engine                                                                                          Engine power: 34 HP                                                                                                                    Fuel: 92# gasoline
Wind resistance level: 5                                                                                                              Flight control radius: <30km;
Starting method: The aircraft comes with a starting motor;
Flight control mode: Fully autonomous flight mode,
Remote control semi-autonomous flight mode,
Remote control flight mode.