The rising star of consumer drone market-LeveTop Drone

Up to 20 minutes of flight time, wifi-controlled flight distance of up to 100 meters, 1080p camera that supports 120-degree wide-angle live shooting, perfect portability created by a patented quadruple folding frame, and 4 brushless motors with super power for easier take-off... This is the first drone product from LeveTop that has many advantages in one. It was convenient for an overseas crowdfunding platform to raise more than 250,000 US dollars in March and April this year. Today, after about half a year of preparation, LeveTop's first batch of drone products have completed the product delivery tasks of global users, and will be invited to attend the international consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas, USA in January 2019. At the product exhibition CES, at the same time, the LeveTop drone global agent recruitment plan will be officially launched.

It is reported that the core members of the LeveTop team have been working in the field of drone design solutions for the past ten years, providing product development and manufacturing services for many drone brands. Having experienced the entire process of the drone market's evolution from simple industrialization to mass consumption, the LeveTop start-up team clearly recognized that consumer-grade drone products have huge market space in the future, and firmly believe that drones in the near future It will be widely used by the public like a mobile phone, so LeveTop was founded in 2017 and decided to develop and manufacture UAV-related products.

For the first drone product launched by LeveTop, Mr. Wang Yulong, the founder of the LeveTop team, said: Compared to many consumer-grade drone products at home and abroad, LeveTop drones may not be the most powerful and the price is not the cheapest. However, as a medium for LeveTop to bring you a good flying experience, it must be the most special one.

Patented folding body design Extremely portable and light travel

Different from the UAVs for industrial applications, consumer-grade UAVs mainly provide people with entertainment, leisure and flying interest experiences. Therefore, the design requirements for portability of consumer-grade UAVs are particularly important. In terms of portability, LeveTop drones use a patented quadruple folding frame and vertical cylindrical integrated fuselage design. The folded LeveTop drone is like a water cup, which can not only protect the various parts of the fuselage from being knocked and damaged, but also allow users to put them in various backpacks at will, or even hang on the body to carry it at will, which really brings The perfect experience wherever you want to fly.

20 minutes of long battery life

In addition to the excellent experience in portability, another major feature of the LeveTop drone is its 20-minute battery life. Compared with the same type of product that runs out of power in 10 minutes, the LeveTop drone has a flight time of up to 20 minutes, which can meet the general needs of mass users such as travel aerial photography.

In addition, the LeveTop drone is also equipped with a brushless motor, which has a better propulsion power system; a 1080p camera and a high-definition aerial photography device with a 120-degree shooting field of view; a very simplified operation mode that allows users who even operate the drone for the first time You can also get started quickly; precise positioning technology and automatic GPS tracking allow users to set the radius of the range in advance, and LeveTop can use its own image recognition technology to automatically track and follow the user.

Excellent comprehensive price/performance ratio Excellent choice for entry-level drones

LeveTop is currently carrying out a series of product pre-sale activities on the official website of LeveTop, in addition to the global users who have participated in the crowdfunding and the delivery and delivery of products. Only a thousand yuan's official website pricing makes LeveTop this crowd-funded star-rated drone product, whether in the same level of products at home or abroad, have a very good comprehensive cost performance.

In short, LeveTop drone is an entry-level drone product with excellent portability, long battery life, good camera effect and stable flight.Its successful listing is undoubtedly a lot of outdoor aerial photography enthusiasts and unmanned New users interested in mobile products provide an excellent consumer choice.