UAV Aerial Seeding

Today, we would like to introduce the case of rapeseed seeding with MG system. After field operation, the emergence of rapeseed is satisfactory.

After understanding the successful cases of MG seeding system in rice seedling stage and rice direct seeding, Li Linhao, head of Guangxi Nanning Ruiyunjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd, decided to try to use MG sowing system for rapeseed seeding.

At the end of October, 2018, Li Linhao and the technicians of the company carried out experiments on the influence of flying altitude, flying speed, rotating speed and opening size of the MG-1P on the seeding system.

Seeding parameter test

The optimal operation parameters were found on the premise that the seeding amount of mu was 0.4-0.5kg/ mu.


To reassure local users, Li and his team conducted field tests on a 10-acre field.

After four days after sowing with the seeding machine, the emergence of rapeseed made the local Agriculture Bureau quite satisfied with the effect of MG seeding machine, and gave Li Linhao the task of more than 5000 mu of rapeseed seeding.

Field sowing operation

Emergence of rapeseed after 4 days after sowing

Rape growth after 10 days after sowing

At present, there are 2 sowing machines in the team, each of which can complete 300 mu of work per day. If the land is larger, the operation efficiency can be higher.

Li and his team are confident about the future of the sowing machine, and they will continue to do experiments with other crops.agricultural drone