Why brushless motors are more suitable for drones

50KG thrust disc type brushless motor H140 KV80

Today, narious types of drones and robots are increasingly widely used. The characteristics of small size, light weight and fast speed of brushless motors are very suitable for drones. In this article, we will introduce why brushless motors are more suitable Man-machine.

Why choose a brushless motor?


DJI's drones have basically chosen brushless motors. For brushed motors, more than 90% of the faults are caused by carbon brushes, which is determined by its design. Dust, rust, and vibration may cause poor contact and cause problems.


Carbon brushes of brushed motors will wear out and need to be updated regularly. For the civilian product industry, this is obviously not realistic; brushless motors are completely free of this concern and are almost maintenance-free.


 High efficiency here refers to the conversion rate of energy. Brushless motors have no contact resistance and no heating elements such as carbon brushes. The utilization rate of electrical energy can be as high as 90%; while brushed motors can only reach 75%, so brushless There will be obvious advantages in the running time of the motor


Since a large part of the electric energy of a brushed motor is converted into thermal energy, a corresponding heat dissipation design must be made. This will affect the volume of the product and increase the weight of the product, which is not feasible for drones or robots.

Different drone motor have different KV value, the smaller the KV value of the motor, the greater the power of the motor, but the lower the speed; the larger the KV value, the smaller the power of the motor, but the faster the speed., choose the suiteble motor for your drone on