How is drone communicate with UAV ground stations

UAV ground station

What is uav ground station

UAV ground station, that is, the UAV ground base station that directs the drone. Ground stations can be divided into single-point ground stations or multi-point ground stations. Through the ground station, you can always know the flight route, condition and control the drone. Most of the drones we use are single-point ground stations. Single-point ground stations are generally composed of one or more people on duty, including technicians, field staff, logistics personnel, communications personnel, and commanders.

Uav ground station work principle

UAV Ground station equipment is generally composed of remote controllers, computers, video displays, power systems, radios and other equipment. Route planning tools are used to plan aircraft flight routes, and set flight altitudes, flight speeds, flight locations, and flight missions. The data transmission station connected to the data port compiles and transmits the mission data to the flight controller.

Data transmission of UAV ground station

Data transmission radio is a main tool for communication between aircraft and ground stations. The interface protocols used by general data transmission radio include TTL interface, RS485 interface and RS232 interface, but there are also some CAN-BUS bus interfaces with frequencies of 2.4GHZ, 433MHZ, 900MHZ , 915MHZ, generally more 433MHZ, because 433MHZ is an open frequency band, coupled with the advantages of longer 433MHZ wavelength and strong penetration, so most civilian users generally use 433MHZ, the distance is 5 kilometers to 15,000 Meters range, and even farther. In the end, communication between the aircraft and the computer is achieved. Computers give the aircraft tasks, real-time flight altitude, speed, and many other data will be transmitted through it, so that we can monitor the situation of the aircraft from time to time and modify the aircraft's course at any time.

UAV ground station

Control steps

The working principle of the entire drone flight control is to start the ground station, plan the route, start the flight control, upload the route to the flight control, and then set the automatic takeoff and landing parameters, such as closing speed, lift angle, climb height and end altitude, Take out the radius or diameter, empty the airspeed indicator, etc., then check the flight controller for errors and alarms, everything is normal, start taking off, then make a few laps to start flying to perform the mission