The drone battery you should need to know

The battery of the drone is the source of the power of the drone, and the batteries include lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, and early dry batteries.

Compared with ordinary batteries, lithium polymer batteries have the advantages of high rate, high energy ratio, high performance, high safety, long life, environmental protection, pollution-free, and light weight. In terms of shape, lithium polymer batteries have ultra-thin characteristics, and can be made into batteries of different shapes and capacities to meet the needs of some products. The theoretical minimum thickness of this type of battery can reach 0.5mm.

TAttu 12S16000mah battery

What does the mAh marked on the battery mean?

indicates the battery capacity, such as a 16000mAh battery, if it is discharged at 16000mAh, it can be discharged continuously for 1h;

What's the means about  the S, C and P on the battery ?


The multiple that the battery can discharge normally. It can be simply understood as the discharge capacity. The C number multiplied by the capacity is the maximum discharge current of the battery.


The number of lithium battery cells in series. The larger the S number, the greater the battery voltage.


The number of lithium battery cells in parallel, the greater the P number, the greater the battery current.

For example, the interpretation of the 12S1P&15C&16000mah battery is: 12 pieces batteries are connected in series to form a 16000mah battery whose instantaneous discharge reaches 240A.

How to match the battery

Generally speaking, the selected motor and propeller are related to the flight time. The larger the lithium polymer battery capacity, the more S, the higher the C and the heavier the battery.

Below, Flydragon will give you some daily battery matching. shark VTOL fixed-wing drone

One NCR 18650 GA 35000mAh 6S1P +two pieces 40C 5000mAh  6SP1P for baby shark

2.big shark VTOL fixed-wing drone

One 18650 6S 28000mAh 6S1P + two piece TATTU 8000mAh 25C 22.2V 6S1P for big shark

3.FDL1600 multi-rotor drone

one TATTU HV 22000mAh 25C 22.8V 6S1P for FDL1600

The weight of the drone, the power of the motor, and the size of the propeller will all determine how long your drone can fly in the air. However, the battery ultimately determines your flight time.