Fly Dragon Aviation Tech Offer Precision Spray Autopilot for Agricultural Spraying

Fly Dragon Aviation Tech are proud to announce Precision Spray Autopilot, a complete autopilot system purpose-built for agricultural spraying applications.  it enables agriculture drones to fly fully autonomously and allows better spray management with planning and real-time monitoring. 

The Precision Spray Autopilot supports the ability to fly a fully autonomous spraying mission at the touch of a finger. It also enables agriculture drone manufacturers and spray service providers to fly semi-autonomous missions with simple control over their spray rates and auto lane switching.

Supported features:

-Fly spray missions from a tablet or with a remote control

-Radar based high-performance terrain following

-Real-time adjustment of flight height and speed

-In-flight spray rate monitoring and control

-Auto-refill and return to mission

-Field-tested in simple and complex fields

We are confident this solution will leapfrog the precision agriculture to the level of fully autonomous, and highest precision planning and execution.