what is ESC


Multi-rotor uav power includes motor, ESC, propeller, power battery and drone kit

what is ESC

The full name of the ESC is electronic speed governor, ESC for short. The function is to convert the DC input of the battery into an AC output of a certain frequency according to the control signal of the flight control, which is used to control the speed of the motor

Currently, the ESCs commonly used in multi-rotor drones are divided into two categories, one is an ESC with BEC, and the other is an OPTO optoelectronic ESC without BEC. BEC is the meaning of battery-free circuit in English. It has the ability of shunt power supply. It can change the power battery voltage to 5V to power the flight control. Only one ESC will be powered. If the flight controller uses an ESC without BEC, it needs to power the flight controller separately.

The connection of the ESC to the motor and the flight control is generally like this:

1. The input wire (the thickest red and black wire) of the ESC is connected to the battery;

2. The output wires of the ESC (two brushed and three brushless) are connected to the motor;

3. The signal line (the thinnest line) of the ESC is connected to the flight controller.

In addition, some ESCs have a power output function, that is, between the positive and negative poles of the signal line, there is a voltage output of about 5V, which supplies power to the receiver through the signal line, and the receiver supplies power to control equipment such as the steering gear.

Figure 2 shows that the maximum allowable continuous current of this ESC is 200A, and the throttle signal frequency is 50 ~ 400HZ. The ESC uses 12 ~ 18SLIPO batteries. The maximum voltage is 75.6V.



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