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  • 16L agriculture drone spraying tank
16L agriculture drone spraying tank

16L agriculture drone spraying tank

  • Product description: This drone sprayer tank is 16L, with big enter to easy add water or pesticide, suit for Flydragon 6 rotors drone sprayer

16KG / 16L Agriculture drone spraying tank Medicine box Water Tank for Agriculture Plant Protection Drone Accessories

agriculture drone spraying tank for dispensing metered amounts of liquid from a UAV.

Sprayer system can be used in agricultural applications to dispense small metered amounts of pesticides, or to reduces the amount of pesticides used during crop management.

The cost effectiveness of Spraying Drone makes it a great option in the market, making it approachable to all size farmers providing the higher accuracy than traditional airplane spraying, without the toxic combustion fumes.

Spraying Drone provides real time observational technology to generate insights on water management, disease prevention and even warn you about potential problems and therefore provide you with healthier crops and bigger yields.