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RTK parts

RTK parts

  • Model NO.: FDTXA5-16KG
  • Product description: RTK parts for drone
Dual antenna differential module

cooperate with RTK differential base station to provide the cm-level position precision but also orientate the air craft precisely through double antennae. Compared with the traditional orientation by magnetic compass, the double-antenna orientation way can eliminate the influence of magnetic interference and ensure the flight safety of the aircraft under the high voltage wire and in the mining area with strong magnetic interference. DGPS RECEIVER AIR – Ultimate supports all existing satellite navigation systems. The received frequencies include GPS L1, L2, L2C, GLONASS L1, L2, BDS B1, B2, and GALILEO E1, E5. It can use the dual-frequency signals of GPS, GLONASS and BDS at the same time for positioning as well as RTK calculating. With higher positioning accuracy, it is more widely applied.