3 best drone camera with price in 2020

Drone photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or, more commonly, as a drone.

Drone photography allows images and audio/video to be captured that might not be otherwise possible for human photographers and videographers. That capacity can be enabled by the flight abilities of drones, their small size or their ability to tolerate harsh environments. 

Today, iwe recommend three best drone camera with price in 2020

UT30 30X thermal camera with object tracking 

Thermal image drone U30TIR gimbal camera features an 30x optical zoom lens. It’s powered by SONY 1/2.8″ “Exmor R”, 2.13 mega effective pixels, fast auto-focus speed, 1080p HD image quality, as well as visible light, thermal imaging tracking. It is compact size, support PWM, S. BUS and TTL. All parameters have been perfectly set, you just need to install the gimbal camera to UAV, then ready to fly.


* Highly competitive cost
* DJI’s strategic partner

* Leading in the field for UAV payload of advanced technology.

* Certified by CE/ROHS authoritative institution.

Product Name:
UAV gimbals camera
Image sensor:
SONY 1/2.8″ “Exmor R” CMOS
30x, F=4.3~129mm
Thermal imager:
640×480, 25mm lens:
Working voltage: 
Micro HDMI 1080P/ Network interface/ SDI
Local storage:
SD card up to 128G
No support
±170° / ±360°*N (IP / SDI output)
Vibration angle:
Pitch/Roll: ±0.01°, Yaw:±0.01°

Q10F 3 axis stabilizer drone camera

3 axis stabilizer UAV gimbal is for whom Want to take some awesome shots without having any shaky videos or blurry photos? Then buy a gimbal! You can buy one that’s handheld or a gimbal which is mounted to a drone. Putting a gimbal on a drone gives you as the camera operator the freedom of taking photos and videos without any vibration or shake. The photo above shows you an example of a gimbal. A gimbal holds anything from a small GoPro up to a DSLR for much larger gimbals.

Drones shake, wobble, and vibrate. Gimbals hold the camera and reduce the shakiness. Gimbals ensure that the camera always stays horizontal or at a set position. Are you a professional videographer or photographer? Then this is a must have tool.

Even until very recent, a couple of years ago, you had very little control of the camera mounted on a drone. You needed to turn on the camera before the drone was even up in the air. There was no control of the gimbal or camera after take off, but those times have drastically changed.


* Highly competitive cost
DJI’s strategic partner
* Leading in the field for UAV payload of advanced technology.
* Certified by CE/ROHS authoritative institution.

 Q10F  specification
Working voltage
Input voltage
3S ~ 4S
Local storage
SD card (Up to 32G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Control method
Imager Sensor
1/3inch CMOS
Optical zoom
10x, F=4.9~49mm

30x HD starlight Camera for  Police Inspection Survey

drone camera gimbal 30x UAV gimbal zoom HD starlight Camera 2 axis for fix wing with target Tracking for Police Inspection Survey

drone camera gimbal is a magical device called a 3-axis Brushless Camera Gimbal. It contains many of the same technologies which are in the drone itself.  its features high stability, small size, light weight and low power consumption suitable forfor UAV, helicopter, fixed wing plane and rotary wing aircraft, ect. Can be applied in various fields like military reconnaissance, public security surveillance, traffic monitoring, fire fighting, wildlife spotting, disaster management and rescue etc.

Gimbal spec
Pitch/Tilt ±90°
Roll No support
Yaw/Pan ±150°
Vibration angle Picth/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw:±0.03°
Camera spec
Imager Sensor 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS
Picture quality Full HD 1080 (1920*1080)
Effective pixel 2.13MP
Lens optical zoom 30x, F=4.3~129mm
Digital zoom 12x (360x with optical zoom)
Min object distance 10mm(wide end) to 1200mm(tele end). Default 300mm
Horizontal viewing angle 63.7°(wide end) ~ 2.3°(tele end)
Shutter speed 1/1s to 1/10,000s, 22 steps
Defog Yes
Camera Object Tracking
Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz
Output delay of deviation pixel <10ms
Object size range 16*16 pixel ~ 160*160 pixel
Tracking speed ±32 pixel/frame
Object memory time 100 frames (4s)