8 aerial angles to help you take classic drone photography

Dronel photography is cool, and you can get a different perspective from the ground. If you want to get a good shot, you must master the angle of aerial photography. Today I will introduce you guys 8 simple and practical aerial photography angles to help you get a better shooting experience.

①90° shooting

Suitable for: single& multiple people, buildings

Very suitable for beginners.

②90° look down and spiral upward

Suitable objects: people, buildings.

When you have a certain understanding of controlling drones and feel that 90° shooting cannot meet your needs, then you can shoot dynamic videos. The 90° spiral is a very good attempt, which can be very cool and outstanding People or buildings in the picture.

③Auto follow

Suitable for: People, cars

Auto-following is generally a common shooting technique in self-driving tours, and the operation is relatively simple. Most drones have this function. After switching the corresponding function gear, select the auto-following function. The rest is The drone can do it for you.

④45° oblique rear stretch

Suitable scene: when traveling, cool selfies

When we travel, we all want to take pictures of the beautiful scenery with ourselves. This new method says goodbye to those clichéd "travel selfie" photos.

⑤Surround shooting

Suitable scene: buildings, people

In aerial video, we often see surrounding shots. Whether you are traveling or creating art videos, you will see surrounding objects. Manual operation is more complicated, but it is much easier to cooperate with software.

⑥ Over the building

Suitable for the scene: when traveling, personalized architectural shooting

When traveling, if you want to give the building a special aerial view, you can try such a manipulation method. The effect of the video is to climb upwards at an angle of 45°. After crossing obstacles, there is a way to climb over a mountain. The feeling of Yimapingchuan behind is a very good angle.

⑦Cross the archway

Suitable for scenes: arches, door frames, window frames
Simple control, but it is likely to cause the UAV's GPS signal to be interrupted, leading to certain dangers. It is necessary to control the deviation of the course in time to ensure the safety of flight.

⑧ Horizontal and vertical push and pull

Suitable for the scene: personalized video shooting angle

This is the use of throttle stick, direction stick, and gimbal camera control, but after mastering the smooth control skills, the picture is very good.

Drone photography will take you enter a very beautiful world, you can see the beautiful perspective of the screen, you will find the beautiful scenery you have missed.