A passenger drone shaped like a bird

It is unclear whether the vision and ambition of an African start-up company's proposal to build a bird-like passenger drone (which is somewhat similar to the Transformers toy that children love) is amazing, or it is a well-designed one. A gimmick and see how many people will believe in this exciting adventure. Either way, the Phractyl Macrobat electric near vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eNVTOL) is worth seeing.

Phractyl's Macrobat eNVTOL is different from anything you've seen before, at least on this side of the comics, or experimenting with substances that change the mind. The aircraft stands on towed legs and can roll during takeoff and landing. The fuselage, wings, and tail are moved back toward the sky from a stationary horizontal position, and two propellers lift the aircraft into the air or lower it to the ground.