Indian use drones spraying Fertilizer Application

The guidelines for drone use to spraying fertilizer to crops are being finalized by the Central government. India is expecting to mirror Europe and Israel in adopting this new method that will help reduce consumption, save on subsidies, and will improve soil health. 

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Rules had been scraped off by the Government and the liberalized Drone Rules were introduced in August. “The new rules are based on the premise of trust and self-certification. Approvals, compliance requirements, and entry barriers have been significantly reduced” – said PM Modi at the time. 

According to the Deputy Director-General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), SK Chaudhary, “Drones are being used in some countries for the foliar spray of fertilizers.” 

“Though the basal dose has to be applied manually while sowing, the subsequent application can be done through drones”, Chaudhary said. 

Drones Mounted on Tractors 

Despite the drones mounted on tractors being ineffective in locust control operations, they provided additional support for sprinkling insecticides on the locust swarms on foothills and sand dunes. During a 15-minute flight, a drone can spray pesticide on a nearly 2.5-acre area. 

FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture

FlyDragon FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture is an agricultural spraying drone capable of carrying up to a 16 liters payload . Drone Sprayer is in production and equipped with a number of exceptional features. Possible Applications include: Agricultural Spraying (Herbicides, Fertilizer, Pesticides), chemical side trimming, fertilizing.

FlyDrone FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone for agriculture use FlyDragon FD-6000W EFI hybrid drone generatorFD-6000W Maximum take-off weight is 52KGS and continuous output power is 6KW


Number of axes:6 axis
Wheelbase :2100mm
Folded Size :1200*870*600mm
Fuel tank capacity : max 3.5L
Hybrid model: EFI FD6000W
Tank capacity: 16L
Input Voltage: 12S
Full load flight time: 35 minutes
Work efficiency: 4-5 acres/flight
spraying range :1-6meters
PumpPressure :0.58Mpa

  Drone spraying             Drone spraying  Drone spraying