After Huawei, the United States "attention" the Chinese drone giant - DJI

Foreign media report: The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned US companies that Chinese drones may put corporate data at risk.

According to a Reuters report on May 20, the notice, titled "Made in China", warned that US officials "strongly concerned about any technology products that bring US data into the territory of the country concerned, which allows the country." Intelligence agencies are free to access data or abuse these access rights."

A spokesperson for the DHS's Network Security and Infrastructure Security Agency confirmed that the agency "has recently issued an industry warning to provide organizations with information on the inherent risks of using Chinese-made UAS technology and to reduce such The approach to risk."

The report said that the notice did not name any companies, but urged (US) companies to "know whether your drone system data is stored by suppliers or other third parties. If stored, find storage methods, storage locations and durations." CNN reported this notice earlier.

According to the report, this is the latest concern raised by the US government regarding equipment manufactured in China. Previously, the US Department of Commerce listed Huawei and its 68 entities in the blacklist of exports, saying that Huawei poses a risk to US national security.

The world's largest farming drone manufacturer-DJI(Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.), said in a statement on May 20, "The security of our technology has been independently certified by the US government and major US companies. ”

According to the news network, Dajiang also stated in the statement that when users use DJI Dajiang's innovative drones or other technical products, the data produced, stored and transmitted are completely controlled by the users. In addition, DJI Dajiang Innovation also provides a special model to meet the information security management needs of different customers, such as disconnecting the local data mode of the network connection, private cloud deployment mode and so on. A large number of institutions around the world use DJI's innovative technologies every day to improve production efficiency, ensure production safety, and even save lives. DJI Dajiang Innovation will continue to work with customers and government authorities around the world to ensure that we meet the technical specifications and information security needs of different industries in different regions.

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