Amazon launches a $250 home security drone

Amazon's home security company Ring launched a security drone called Ring Always home Cam at Amazon's online hardware conference.

This $250 drone is small and light, with a high-definition camera that can automatically fly to a specific location in your home along a preset path and transmit the video you see along the way to your smartphone. Users can set a path for the drone through a smartphone app, or if the drone detects movement somewhere in your home, it can fly to that place by itself and take pictures of what's happening. This drone will be released next year. It can only be used indoors and can work in conjunction with a bell alarm system so that when the alarm is triggered, it will fly according to a preset route.

Ring Always Home Cam is a new way to take care of the family and provide multiple viewpoints with one device. This autonomous indoor security camera can fly on a personalized path you choose, so you can easily view your home and gain inner peace-like if someone left the window open or forgot to turn off the stove same.

The Ring Always Home camera is also easy to integrate with our home security system, Ring alarm, not only for how people use security cameras, but also for the benefit of home alarm systems to draw a new path. When the ringtone is triggered in the far away mode, always the Home camera will automatically fly a set path to see what happens. When the camera is in flight, you can easily stream videos through the Ring app, ensuring that you know everything that is happening at home.

But turning this device into reality is not easy. We know that we must invent a brand new device that can move freely in the home and give more flexibility to the viewpoint. In order to do this, we need to combine first-class hardware and software technology to create something that no one has done before, and build it on the basis of privacy, while moving safely at home.

Privacy-oriented design: creating a new era of whole house security

Privacy and security are the foundation of every product, function and service we develop. We consider privacy as a whole-from the characteristics and design of the product to how customers ultimately use the product in their daily lives-home cameras are no exception.

Always Home Cam puts privacy in the first place in terms of physical design and usage. The device rests on the base, and the camera is blocked when docked. The camera will only start recording when the device leaves the base and starts flying through the preset path.

We even designed a certain volume of buzzer for Always Home Cam, so that you can clearly see the camera moving and recording. This is the privacy you can hear.

The "always at home" camera setup process is also the key to the foundation of privacy. When you go through the setup process and set your preferred flight path, you make sure that the Home camera will always fly where you want to go. It cannot be controlled manually, make sure it only records and view the things that are important to you.

When designing an "always at home" camera, safety is also the primary consideration. Obstacle avoidance technology enables it to avoid unexpected objects during the movement. Its small size, light weight design and wrapped propeller enable it to move safely at home.

The future of whole house safety is here

Over the years, cameras have proven to be beneficial and an important part of any home security system. We want our customers to more easily control their home security while maintaining privacy. Always Home Cam uses unique technology, in a way that has never been done before, is affordable and easy to use for our customers.

Like other devices at this stage of development, Ring Always Home Cam has not been authorized in accordance with Federal Communications Commission regulations. Ring Always Home Cam is not and cannot offer for sale or lease or sale or lease until authorization is obtained.