Amazon receives FAA approval for its drone delivery

On August 31, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Amazon to operate its Prime Air drone delivery fleet.

Why is this important? Because Amazon's market value is so high, a large part of the reason is its Prime membership system, and the bottom layer of this membership system is Amazon's two-day free delivery service.

Then, once Amazon can start drone delivery, the delivery process will be faster. Amazon's goal is to send the product within a few minutes after the order is placed and reach the user within 30 minutes. This kind of shopping experience is very close to that of a physical store.

Let me briefly write a few key points for you:
1. In order to get rid of the dependence on UPS and make delivery faster, Amazon was testing drone delivery several years ago. I checked and the exact time is 2013. Then, in August last year, Amazon submitted an application to the FAA, stating that the delivery will be carried out in areas with low population density, and the weight of the package will not exceed 5 pounds.

2. The core of this FAA approval is: it means that Amazon will be given "a wide range of privileges to deliver packages to customers safely and efficiently." This certification complies with some of the provisions under Article 135 of the FAA Regulations, which allows Amazon to carry something on its small drones "beyond the operator’s sight."

3. At the same time that Amazon was approved, the vice president of Prime Air clearly stated in a statement: This drone delivery service will eventually deliver packages to customers around the world.

4. About 2-3 years ago, I saw the content of a patent that Amazon applied to the US Patent Office, involving so many drone machines, some ideas and solutions on how to integrate and charge in the air. Once all aspects are fully prepared, it is estimated that a large-scale deployment package will be delivered. It was not one or two drones, but a huge fleet of drones.

5. In Amazon's third-quarter earnings report last year, there was actually a bit of information that was very interesting. That is: members can enjoy "free one-day delivery". This is very difficult in the United States. Because in the United States, consumers usually have to wait 5-12 days to buy something online. .

6. Amazon is not the first. Amazon is actually not the only company in the United States seeking to expand the scope of commercial drone delivery. In April last year, Wing, a subsidiary of Google Alphabet, was approved by the FAA; in October last year, UPS was approved by the FAA. In other words, Amazon is the third approved.

7. After being approved by the FAA, Amazon said that it will start testing the drone delivery service immediately, that is, testing the entire procedure/process, but it has not yet revealed when this service will officially start facing consumers.

16KW hybrid drone generator for delivery drone 

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Weight: 29.5kg
Applicable models: Multirotors
Max take-off weight: 100kg
Power voltage: 24S
Fuel consumption: 600g/kW*h (Hovering 1.5L/h)
Working Temperature: -20℃-40℃
Theoretical ceiling (Altitude): 1000m
Petrol: 95# or above (petrol+2T lubricant two-stroke lubricants that meet JASO FC/FDIOS-L-EGD standards)

Main Features:

1. Integrated design of Start up and power generation,and the air start function can be realized without relying on external starting equipment.
2. The one-piece design allows for easy suspension in all types of Frame kit and a variety of mission load suspensions on the bottom.
3. No need charge preparation time, no complicated ignition action, it can quickly perform tasks.
4. The backup battery can provide power for emergency short-range return or forced landing in an emergency.
5. For light load service, additional fuel tanks can be added to expanded to flight time to 3 hours.
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FD16K Hybrid power system

Rated voltage: MIX 88.8V MAX96V (24S)

Power: Continuous power: 14KW Maximum power: 16KW

Weight: 29.5kg (including cooling system)

Fuel consumption: 12.5L/H

Fuel ratio: 0-5 hours 25:1; after 5 hours 50:1 (95# gasoline, FD grade 2T engine oil)

Working temperature: -20~45 degrees Celsius

Startup method: One-click self-start

Cooling method: liquid cooling