China launched new generation of high-altitude long-endurance attack-2 drones

The Strike-2 UAV is a new generation of high-altitude long-endurance integrated drones newly equipped by the Chinese military. The aircraft adopts a normal aerodynamic layout, a large aspect ratio, a medium single wing and a "V"-shaped tail structure. The aircraft has a length of 11 meters, a wingspan of 20.5 meters, a height of 4.5 meters, a maximum flight altitude of 9000 meters, a cruising speed of 200 kilometers per hour, a maximum flight speed of 370 kilometers per hour, and long endurance.

The Attack-2 UAV can fly continuously for 20 hours, with a range of more than 4000 kilometers, a maximum take-off weight of 4200 kg, and a maximum external weight of 480 kg. Compared with the Assault-1 UAV, the Assault-2 has a larger load, and the engine is upgraded from a piston engine to a turboprop engine. The power is more powerful, giving the aircraft better flight performance, practical ceiling, speed and Indicators such as battery life are comprehensively improved and can adapt to more complex use environments.

In terms of the mounting capability of the Assault-2 drone, the aircraft’s weapon attachment points have been increased from 2 for Assault-1 to 6, which can be mounted and used such as "Blue Arrow"-7 air-to-surface missiles, "Thunderstone"-6 precision Precision strike ammunition such as guided bombs, YZ-100 aviation submunitions and YZ-200 laser guided bombs. If a composite pylon is used, 12 attack ammunition can be mounted at a time, and it has a strong ground attack capability.

The Attack-2 drone is also China's first drone to introduce artificial intelligence (AI), with functions such as self-feedback, identification of friend or foe, and self-judgment of threat levels. If you find a problem with your system during the flight, or get injured by an attack, the aircraft can return and land autonomously without manual intervention. It can be called the smartest drone in the world.

The Attack-2 UAV is not only equipped with the Chinese UAV unit, but its foreign trade model Pterosaur-2 UAV has also been successfully exported to many countries and has shown good combat effectiveness in actual combat. According to the latest news from overseas media, the Pterosaur-2, in addition to being used to perform ground strikes and fixed-point clearance missions, has also developed a new drone combat mode, which is to use the aircraft to destroy the opponent's drones. And Pterosaur-2 has the performance of Attack-2, in fact, the performance of Attack-2 is more than that of Pterosaur-2.

FLD-50P Fixed-wing VTOL for surveyce&monitor

FDL-50P vtol uav 15KGS payload 2-4 hours endurance MTOW 50KGS VTOL

vtol uav platform is an electric long-haul composite wing vertical take-off and landing drone independently developed by our company. The overall layout of the composite wing with fixed wing and four-rotor is used to solve the vertical take-off and landing of the fixed-wing UAV in a simple and reliable way. The difficulty of the fixed-wing UAV has the characteristics of long flight time, high speed, long distance and the vertical take-off and landing of the rotorless drone. The vertical take-off and landing mode greatly enhances the environmental adaptability of the drone platform. The man-machine platform can operate smoothly in complex terrain and densely populated areas such as mountains, hills and jungles, greatly expanding the scope of application of drones, and is an ideal choice for industrial-grade drones.
The FD50P UAV platform is equipped with industrial-grade vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing flight control and navigation system, as well as professional aerial aerial survey and inspection ground station software. It can ensure that the drone can fly autonomously throughout the process, without operator intervention to complete the autonomous take-off and flight status. In the flight phase of conversion, autonomous cruise, and autonomous landing, it also supports automatic route planning for 1000 waypoints and emergency standby plan for 100 waypoints.
The drone platform has the following features and advantages:
a) Practical and efficient: it has the characteristics of fixed-wing UAV’s long flight time, fast speed, long distance and large load;
b) Vertical take-off and landing: with the take-off and landing mode of the rotorless drone, greatly reducing the requirements for landing and landing and airspace;
c) low cost of use: no complicated and bulky launching and recycling equipment, no additional recycling sensors required;
d) Simple operation: integrated special flight control and navigation system, full autonomous flight, operators only need to send flight plans, no professional training and operational experience;
e) Compact system: no complicated auxiliary equipment, simple transportation, deployment, maintenance and withdrawal.


Body length: 2.5m
Wingspan: 3.8m
Maximum takeoff weight: 50kg
Maximum payload: 15kg
Life time: 2h@15kg payload, 4h@10kg payload
Flying radius: 200-400km (depending on the amount of oil)
Maximum control distance: Remote control (manual control): 1km
Ground station control (depending on the distance of the digital transmission): 30km standard
Maximum speed: 130km/h
Cruising speed: 100-120km/h
Maximum oil load: 12L
Lift limit: 4000m
Maximum wind resistance: 12m/s (6 wind)
Use environment: -10 °C +45 °C; anti-light rain
Climb/lower power battery: 4*14000mAh-6S lithium battery
Take-off and landing mode: vertical takeoff and landing
Shipping size: 1.6*0.7*0.6m (length * width * height)

Recommended Set-up:

4 x motor 9016 160KV
4 x Tmotor 200A 12S ESC
2 x Tmotor 30.9.2 Propeller CW&CCW
1 x Hobbywing 12S 120A ESC
1 x DA 100CC EFI engineer
5 x Hitec 5585 Servo
1 x JXF 24*16 Propeller CW