American AgEagle acquired senseFly a subsidiary of French Parrot

Recently, industry-leading suppliers of drones, sensors and software AgEagle Aerial Systems and Parrot jointly announced today that they have signed a final agreement. According to the agreement, AgEagle will acquire senseFly, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parrot Group, in a cash and stock transaction valued at US$23 million.

senseFly was established in 2009 to develop and produce a proprietary series of eBee brand, high-performance, professional fixed-wing drones. These autonomous drones are safe, ultra-light and easy to use, and are used by thousands of customers in industries such as agriculture, government, engineering, and construction around the world to collect actionable aviation data intelligence. senseFly is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, has approximately 90 employees, and has a total annual revenue of approximately US$12.5 million in 2020.

FDG23 small fixed-wing VTOL drone for mapping

FDG23 VTOL for mapping

Flydragon FDG23 small fixed-wing VTOL drone is a cost-effective and easy-to-use VTOL specifically designed for mapping. Made from composite materials, the  frame is light and tough with featuring high performance. The quick-assemble design allows you to assemble it easily without any tools so as to shorten preparation time for each flight.  it can complete 12 square kilometer area mapping job in a 90-min-flight, if equipped with Here+ RTK Base(option) FDG23 can realize centimeter-level positioning. Also we have PPK solution for mapping, you can reach us about more details.

FDG23 VTOL features aerodynamic shape and Low air resistance. With powerful propulsion system Max. take-off weight can reach 8kg and the endurance time is 110 minutes with no payload. Besides, it withstands 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(12.5mph-17.5mph) wind, making it possible to perform aerial task in various complex situations. The GPS module is mounted on tail-wing, away from power system, that greatly reduces interference.

Version: FDG23 VTOL
Wingspan: 2300mm
Fuselage: 1200mm
Material: Composite Material
ARF Weight: 3.6kg (no battery, no payload)
Max. Take-off Weight: 8kg
Suggested Max Payload: 1.5kg(excluding battery)
Endurance: 110min (1x 6S 25000mAh High Voltage Lipo Battery, no payload)
Recommended Cruising Speed: 18-20m/s
Stall Speed: 12-14m/s
Suggested Take-off Altitude: 0~3000m
Wind Resistance: 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(12.5mph-17.5mph)
Take-off/Landing: VTOL
Working Voltage: 24V
Working Temperature: -10℃-40℃
Carrying Case: 125cm*34cm*34cm

Your Purchase Includes:

1x FDG23 VTOL Frame
1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set with Here 3 GNSS
1x  16-Channel Radio Controller
4x VTOL Motor 4118 KV440
1x Motor for Fixed-wing Mode 5052 KV400
4x VTOL ESC 50A Pro
1x ESC 120A for Fixed-wing Mode
3x 17g Servo
2x 9g Servo
2x(pair) 1655 MARKII Matte Carbon Fiber Propeller
1x 1575 Folding Propeller
1x Pitot Tube
1x Carrying Case