Canadian DDC drone secure fixed-point landing technology obtains U.S. patent

According to the announcement on the website of unmannedsystemstechnology on August 3, 2021] The U.S. Patent Office granted the fifth patent of the Canadian Drone Express Company (DDC). The patent covers the technology and methods related to the fixed-point landing of drones. This innovative method helps UAVs to identify suitable landing/drone delivery areas on various fixed or mobile platforms and improve the safety of the ground at the landing site.

The patent shows that the UAV can determine the landing zone through the beam generated. The light beam produced by the drone's onboard light source has a variable cone angle. When the drone descends, the landing zone indicated by the light source basically maintains a constant area. Based on this technology, the drone can be safely landed at a fixed point. Currently, related patents have been applied for in the United States and Canada.

drone delivering blood emergence between hospital

drone delivering blood emergence between hospital

lifesaving urgency

500 deliveries/day
Capacity from each distribution center. This is up to one ton of medicine and blood products, daily.

Rain or Shine
Proven to work in extremes: from the hot California desert to the rainy mountains . drones fly through real-world weather, day and night.

30 Minutes
Average time from order placed to delivery. This was once a 5 hour round-trip truck drive for many hospitals.

120 km Service Radius
A single drone distribution center can provide instant medical access to millions. For large countries, it can builds a network of distribution centers.

2.5 kg Payload
A single flight can deliver up to 3 units of blood. For larger orders, multiple drones are sent at the same time.