The drone traffic system is being tested in the Port of Hamburg Germany

In the future, UAVs will have their own transportation system so that UAVs can easily and safely fly in areas with heavy traffic, and coordinate their work with manned air traffic. This is the U-Space program proposed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which will be implemented by EU member states in early 2023.

Construction site inspections, route surveys, transportation organization... UAVs are increasingly being put into commercial applications. For this reason, UAV flight must be convenient and immediately executable. However, because the flight approval procedures are sometimes lengthy, it is difficult to achieve this requirement, especially in areas with a large number of drones.

Droniq GmbH is the leading company in the German industry to incorporate drones into the airspace. Its parent company, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, is putting the concept of a drone transportation system into practice for the first time. The two companies established a U-Space real lab (reallab) in the Port of Hamburg. The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and received approximately 1 million euros in funding.

Michael Westhagemann, Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, said: “The Port of Hamburg provides the best conditions for testing drone transport systems and evaluating opportunities and challenges. Appropriately Putting into use can enable drones to create huge opportunities in the most diverse areas of the economy and society. U-Space Real Lab has shown me the potential to test a new form of air transportation under real conditions and actively participate in its development. . Therefore, I am very pleased with the decision of the Federal Ministry of Transport to support the Hamburg project."

FDHI412 carbon fiber industrial drone

quadcopter frame KIT FDHI412 quadcopter frame  is a long flight time six axis carbon fiber drone Frame , FDHI412 is made of carbon fiber material which features light weight and high strength, the canopy of quadcopter frame KIT is made of glass fiber so that the GPS signal won’t be blocked. The closed fuselage structure can protect FDHI412 from the rain and dust, and also protect other load equipments like flight control and battery. The arm of FDHI412 is pluggable, both the cover and arms can be locked with the quick locking hooks. Due to its detachable arm the FDHI412 drone Frame is also easy to carry.
FDHI412 can be applied in many fields like aerial photography, emergency rescue, reconnaissance mission, power line inspection, remote sensing survey and mapping etc.


– Wheelbase:1200mm
– Weight: 1500g(frame only)
– Max payload: 6kg
– Flight time:  85min (2 pieces of 25000 mAh li battery)

drone Frame Features:

– TORAY 3K Carbon fiber material
– Light-weight, durable and stable
– Rainrproof
– Long flight time
– Detachable arm, easily portable


– Motor: T-MOTOR: U8/U10/U11 series
– Propeller: 28-30 inch

quadcopter frame KIT

quadcopter frame KIT

quadcopter frame KITquadcopter frame KITquadcopter frame KIT