Why is the Drone GPS is weak and not searchable?

Flying drones
in the outdoors must find GPS signals to fly stably, and use various intelligent functions. Then the question is coming:

Why is it sometimes so long to search for stars?

Why is the GPS signal weak / not found?

Do you all want to know these? Let me tell you today!

The first thing to know is where the GPS signal came from?

Is of course launched by the earth. At present, the world's four major satellite positioning systems are: GPS system (United States), Beidou system (China), GLONASS system (Russia), GALILEO system (Europe). The GPS signal we often say is actually just one of the satellite signals (satellite system launched by the United States).

As shown in the figure, the planet we live on is surrounded by many satellites.

What is a search satellite?

Satellites are flying in the sky, and their position at every moment is not fixed, and they rotate around the earth constantly.

We want to know its current position, we have to determine which orbit the satellite orbits around the earth, and download this orbit data, this is the search star.

When the aircraft downloads the data (successful search for satellites, preferably more than 8 stars), you can also know your position and time, you can fly steadily without deviation.

Why search for satellites for so long?

Slow satellite search means slow download speed. For example, if the weather is not good and there is cloud cover, the download speed is slow. In good weather, the download speed is fast in an open place.

Secondly, the location of each satellite is different, and the distance from you is also different, and the satellites are launched at the same time, and the time transmitted to the receiver (GPS module in the fuselage) will be long, so the satellite on the remote It slowly increased.

Normally search for stars for about 1 minute, if the search is not available, the place cannot receive the signal

There are many satellites all over the world with almost uniform coverage. They send signals to the ground all the time. As long as you turn on your aircraft and the GPS module inside is working, it starts searching for satellite signals.

The satellite is always there. You can turn on the GPS at this location. If you ca n’t find it, you ca n’t receive the satellite at this location. You can only change to an open place.

If the satellite is found, but the signal is weak, it is because the GPS signal is easily interfered.

Indoors, concrete roofs, and walls directly block signals, and GPS mode cannot be used.

Outdoors, the weather is clear but there are tall buildings nearby. Although more satellites can be found, the positioning effect is still poor, because the signal will be reflected and reflected many times, and many satellites will be received on the mobile phone, but it is only repeated reception. The same satellite.

The satellite signal is the same as the wifi signal of the mobile phone, and the light is electromagnetic waves of different frequencies, which are invisible to the naked eye. Such as light, light will reflect when it encounters an obstruction. If it is a transparent covering, it will pass through, and the covering will be very small. When a thick covering is encountered, a large building will be blocked and reflected to other places. The signal you find is not a straight-line distance, but the distance of the refracted trajectory, so the calculated position and time will be disturbed.

GPS module for receiving satellite signals

Having said so much, how does the drone receive the signal?

A very precise and compact GPS module is placed on the drone case, which is used to receive satellite signals.

So please don't let anything cover the GPS module, such as: foil, paint containing metal, hand, paper strip, self-installed camera, it is forbidden to install on GPS module.

One-key home return, follow, and custom flight are all GPS application functions, as shown in the figure below, is the GPS signal processing process:

After the satellite signal is transmitted to the GPS module and received, it will be transmitted to the flight control board for processing. With the compass module, the drone knows its position, time and direction, and performs data processing on a precision flight control board. Guide the plane to fly.

In less than a second, the drone has completed a series of judgments!

To sum up, what should I do if the GPS signal is weak and cannot be found?

①May have exited GPS mode;

Please open the settings in the APP to check whether the GPS status is checked.

Then check if the GPS indicator (sign) on the remote control is on:
②Weather interference: cloudy and rainy days will affect the search of GPS signals;

③Environmental interference: There are tall buildings, dense woods, and signal tower interference nearby;

Should fly in clear weather, without strong wind, in an open area;

④ GPS module is blocked: use stickers, paint, camera to block the aircraft logo;

⑤ If everything is normal, the GPS signal board or connection cable may be loose. Although come to our enthusiastic and professional customer service, we will definitely help you solve the problem!