Drone motor Introduction

Drone composition

There are two types of power systems for UAVs: electric motors and internal combustion engines, of which electric motors are the main ones. The electric power system mainly includes a Drone motor , an ESC, a propeller, and a battery. Whether the various parts of the power system match, and whether the power system matches the whole machine, directly affects the efficiency and stability of the whole machine.
Drone motor
The motor of the drone is mainly a brushless motor, which is fixed on the motor base of the rack arm, and the propeller is fixed on the other side, which generates downward thrust by rotation. Different size and load frames need to be matched with different specifications and power motors.
Drone motor
A separate Drone motor  does not work and requires an ESC, which is used to control the speed of the motor. Like motors, power systems with different loads need to be equipped with ESCs of different specifications. Although the electric call is too large and the image is not large, the ESC is larger and naturally heavier, and the efficiency will not improve.

A propeller is a component that directly generates thrust. A matching motor, ESC, and propeller match can consume less power at the same thrust, which can extend the life of the drone.

At present, the batteries of drones are mainly lithium polymer batteries, which are characterized by high energy density, light weight, and high current resistance values. These characteristics are more suitable for drones.