Drone motor price and parameter

Drone motor,this is very common in life, and many toys are used. But most of the toys are hollow cup motors, while consumer drones use brushless motors, different drone motor price with different parameter

The invention of brushless motors quickly replaced brushed motors in most areas. Brushless motor has high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, high reliability, servo control, stepless variable frequency speed regulation, relatively low cost and easy to use.

MN505-S kv380 drone motor price $109.90

The following figure is the parameter table

As shown in the important parameters

1. KV value—380. The KV value represents how much the speed of the motor increases with each volt increase.

2. Peak  current—50A. Maximum load current 50A

3. Rate Voltage—6s. suite for 6S battery

4.Propeller Recommendation—17-18" match the size of propeller

How to choose the best motor for your drone

1. Try to choose the same motor as the original motor with the same brand model parameters to avoid differentiation.

2. dynamic balance detection, buy a no-load test for dynamic balance (that is, turn it up at no load to see the vibration of the motor shaft and whether there is any abnormal sound)

3. Check whether the winding of the motor is complete and whether the coil is broken.

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