Fixed-wing VTOL Drone Is The Future

15kg payload fixedwing drone

While the drone industry is becoming more and more specialized according to specific mission, versatility still has considerable advantages. A new fixed-wing VTOL drone demonstrates high versatility, offering various operational options for defense and security uses.

Most of Multi-rotor drone's flight time limits its use in more large missions, a configuration of a drone largely limits its utility across a variety of use cases. Fixed wing UAV are typically faster, cover greater ranges, and can fly more efficiently than VTOL drones with rotors. But they require wide open air space, and must be launched and landed on the UAV equivalent of a runway.

1kg payload fixed wing drone

Now FlyDragon supply 7 kinds of VTOL, payload 800g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg.

These VTOL not need run-way, max flight time can reach to 8hours.
max control distance is 100km. cruise speed 100-120Km/H, max flight altitude is 4500m.

A task like infrastructure inspection, like traffic, Oil&gas pipe will be better to use VTOL UAV with a camera to do it

Nimbus VTOL for Mapping and Survey

Nimbus VTOL is a versatile platform with a long endurance and large payload capacity. Its tilt-rotor vertical take-off on landing (VTOL) design allows it to autonomously take-off and land in an area as small as 4m x 4m, while carrying up to 1000g of payload for up to 80 minutes. Using large front-tilting high-speed servos the Nimbus VTOL can hover like a multi-rotor more steadily and take-off and land in very heavy wind. The servos will even tilt to a certain level to compensate for wind, which keeps the plane steadier during take-offs and landings. Max flying speed for Nimbus is 35m/s, though average speed is around 14m/s (stall speed around 11m/s). Of course, Mission Control is fully supported with Nimbus for easy, fully autonomous surveying with precise camera triggering based on mission parameters. Nimbus’ payload capabilities are very adaptable, thanks to its 1000g max capacity and large available mounting volume.


Version: Nimbus VTOL V2 EPO material
Wingspan: 1800mm
Length: 1300mm
Suggested Take-off Weight: 6kg
Suggested Payload: 800g
Total Weight: 3.36kg(no battery)
Max. Flying Height: 3500m
Max. Flying Speed: 35m/s
Average Speed: 15m/s to 16m/s
Stall Speed: 10m/s to 11m/s
Max Wind Resistance: ≤10.7m/s
Mapping Accuracy: Centimeter
Suggested Battery: 6S 12000mah Lipo Battery;

Your Purchase Includes:

1x Nimbus VTOL V2 White Version
2x Tilt Servo
2x Tilt Motor
1x Tail Motor
1x Tail ESC
2x Tilt ESC
1x (pair) 13 inch Wooden Propellers
1x 17 inch Matt Propeller
1x Px4 Air Speedometer
1x DK32 16-Channel Radio Controller
1x Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set with Here GNSS