FlyDragon gimbal zoom camera for uav

Fly Dragon series gimbal zoom cameras, from 10x~40x,it's really widely used in different industry sector, such as the police, mapping,military, search and rescue, object tracking, inspections and day and night aerial surveillance etc.

Some special gimbal zoom camera utilise various technology, such as thermal, laser, night vision and infrared to help them be a vital tool. 

FlyDragon gimbal zoom camera has advanced location-resolving algorithm is used to calculate the distance of the object, accurately analyse the longitude and latitude of the object and display the GPS coordinate onscreen. gimbal zoom cameras have a great auxiliary role in the enforcement of military, police, firefighting and others. 

For example: EO + IR dual-sensor gimbal zoom cameras can record and transmit thermal images and visible images at the same time. Thermal sensors reveal details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle differences in temperature visible. it can find fire spark in a forest.  the location of missing people. the police searched for fugitives in the forest or in the mountains.

Fly Dragon series gimbal zoom cameras 

1.10X Optical Zoom Thermal Camera

2.FDGD502 Infrared laser ranging, positioning and tracking drone gimbal camera

Flydragon gimbal zoom camera Practical application

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