Herlink drone flight controller hardware wiring diagram

UAV hardware manufacturer and solution provider-HEX Hexing is committed to providing reliable and advanced hardware for UAV users, manufacturers and research institutions to promote the application of UAV technology in various fields; and actively Promote the innovation of product series and promote reliable technology in the drone industry. The main products include The Cube series modular flight controller (flight control), Here series GNSS navigation module, Herelink full HD image and data transmission remote control integrated machine and other CAN bus drone accessories.

This open source flight control hardware wiring diagram shows the important hardware commonly used in The Cube flight control and industry applications (including motors, batteries and data transmission, etc.), and explains the specific functions of each component. In order to facilitate the user's application, the figure describes in detail the actual hardware connection relationship between each component.

With the strong support of the open source community and industry, HEX will continue to optimize the CubePilot ecosystem.