What you should pay attention to when flying drones in winter

In winter, the activity of the drone battery decreases and the voltage becomes unstable. What should I pay attention to?

1. Take off with full power as much as possible. If the power is too low, it is prone to power failure and fried chicken!

2. Shorten the flight time! Control the battery power to drop above 30%!

警惕结冰 机身结冰是飞机和直升机的敌人,同样也是无人机的敌人.

3. Warm up the battery during takeoff to increase the temperature of the battery. There are battery heaters sold on a certain treasure, which can be purchased!

4. When preparing to take off, pay attention to warm up the machine first, don't rush to take off!

5. Buy battery insulation stickers, which can be purchased to ensure a stable temperature!

long flight time drone flying drone in winter

FD-1600 DRONE Specification:

Wheelbase: 1600mm
Frame Weight: 3.8kg(with landing gear)
RTF Weight: 6.8kg(no battery)
Max. Take-off Weight: 28kg (36kg by using 8120 motor or T-motor P80)
Flight Time: 90 minutes(no payload)(4x 6s 30000mAh Li-ion battery);70 minutes(4x 6s 22000mAh Lipo battery)
Voltage: 48V
Battery: 6S 22000mAh Lipo x4; or 6S 30000mAh Li-ion x4