How and where to find a gimbal for drone

What is a gimble

If you are hoping to use your gimble drone for photography, you may want to consider buying a gimbal. A gimbal is a support system that allows an object to remain horizontal regardless of the motion around it. Gimbals were widely used in waterborne vessels to keep instruments, equipment, and even drink holders upright with respect to the horizon regardless of the motion of the boat. Drone gimbals keep a camera in the same position regardless of the motion of the drone.

A basic illustration of how gimbals work. [Credit: Source: LucasVB/Creative Commons]

A basic illustration of how gimbals work.

Credit: Source: LucasVB/Creative Commons

To fully understand how a gimbal works, you must first understand the three axes of aerial movement specific to an airplane. A gimbal is designed to keep your camera at the same angle regardless of the movement of the drone by automatically compensating using calibrated and often remotely controlled electric motors.
where to find a gimbal for your drone

Before you start shopping for a gimbal, you need to know if your drone supports a gimbal. Most of the big manufacturers, such as DJI and Parrot, either have integrated gimbals or an exclusive line of gimbals that you can buy direct or through authorized retailers.
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Best website for gimble drone This is a one stop shop for all things drone related. Search for camera gimbals and in the product descriptions you will typically find comments on what drones the gimbal will mount to. This is a great family owned business based out of Ohio. Their exhaustive list of products makes it a great option for U.S. and Canadian customers.

Photography Store: Online photo supply stores, such as B&H or Adorama, are great outlets for finding a broad selection of camera accessories and equipment. If you have another camera website you typically frequent, search for “drone camera gimbal” on the sight You can find almost anything on Amazon. Search for camera gimbals available through several different companies. This is a great way to price shop, read customer reviews, and even find some support documentation all before you buy.

Choosing the right gimbal

Gimbals also come in many shapes, sizes, and combinations of features. Gimbals designed for specific drones will offer high end features that you may not be able to find from gimbals that are a little more universal. Major features include:

Number of axes: Gimbals for drones are either 2-axis or 3-axis. 2-axis gimbals do not compensate for yaw, which means that there will be slightly more bump in your images. 3-axis compensates for yaw, but this feature comes at a cost . If you are spending the money on a gimbal, you should go for the 3-axis.

Remote control: One of the benefits to buying a gimbal built specifically for your drone is integration into the flight controller. For example, some gimbals built for the DJI Phantom 2 can patch into the drone so that the camera’s tilt angle can be adjusted remotely.

Camera support: Gimbals are designed with specific cameras in mind. There are some gimbals that come with support for multiple compact camera types. Primarily, you will find that gimbals are designed with support for the GoPro camera because of its wide use in action sports and aerial photography and videography. Make sure the gimbal you select supports your camera.

Pre-Calibration: Calibrating a gimbal can be somewhat tedious for beginners. A gimbal that comes pre-calibrated and ready to simply plug and play is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. Gimbals made specifically for your drone should almost always come pre-calibrated. Calibrating isn’t difficult, but it is one more step you have to take before getting airborne.

Best gimble drone recommend-FLYD-100

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Wheelbase: 1000MM?? Height: 500MM
Frame Weight: 3.5KGS
Supply voltage: 6S
Motor: U8 KV150
Propeller: 28 inch propeller
Battery: 1 units 16000 mAh 22.2V?
Payload: 1-5KGS
Endurance: 50 minutes(without payload)