How to choose a drone sprayer

Drones are relatively new on the farm scene, so the Federal Aviation Administration continues to amend the regulations based on evolving uses.

Three in four U.S. farmers, 74 percent, are currently using drone sprayer for agriculture, according to an April 2018 Munich Reinsurance America survey of 269 U.S. farmers.

The survey reports about half of the farmers own their own drone and the other half contract with an outside company.

If you’re interested in a drone sprayer, here are some tips on selecting the drone that’s right for you.


The payload determines the working area of a single flight of the drone sprayer. the larger the payload, the higher the work efficiency and the lower the cost.
At present, the main load of drone sprayer is 10L, 12L, 16L, 20L.

2.Flight Time

Flight time is also a key factor in determining the efficiency of the drone sprayer. the longer the flight time means no need to change the battery frequently. the current flight time of the drone on the market is 10-20 minutes.


I think this should be the main factor for most customers to choose drones. Don't trust drones that are very cheap. the cheap price means the quality is discounted. the performance of the drone determines the price of the drone. drone sprayer price range is $5,000-$9.000

Except the above three conditions, the service is also very important, hope these suggestions can help you when choosing a drone sprayer.

4 rotors plant protection UAV 10KGS agriculture drone sprayer

Intelligent Agriculture is the trend of all over the world. And the intelligent drone act as a important role in this world plan.

Agriculture spraying drone can replace the traditional pesticide sprayer and it's speed is 40times of the traditional sprayer. It will save 90% water and 30%-40% pesticide. Small droplet diameter make the pesticide more well-distribute and improve the effect. At the same time, it will make the people faraway from the pesticide and reduce the pesticide remain of the crop.

4 rotors plant protection UAV 10KGS agriculture drone sprayer