How to choose the drone parts for drone sprayer

FlyDragon 16L hybrid drone sprayer

Problems that must be faced in making a drone sprayer: how to choose the correct motor, battery, ESC and water pump. Only when these drone parts are coordinated, the drone sprayer can perform well, otherwise the equipment may be damaged. So how to choose these drone sprayer accessories? here we go!

1. Motor

drone sprayer motor

The no-load current of common type motors is about 2A, and the maximum load current of each motor is different. If the motor is rotating, it is a high-power ESC, and the battery with high discharge rate will cause the instantaneous current to rise in a short time. If the time is too long, the motor will be burned. If it's just a 540 motor for a normal toy model, don't choose a high current ESC. If you choose a high-current ESC, you must match a high-power motor to make it work with each other.

2. ESC

drone sprayer ESC
If the motor has a maximum efficiency current of 30A, the ESC you choose should be at least 30A, but for safety, choose a larger ESC! Example: 35A-40A. But it is best not to overuse it, so as not to affect the service life of the motor.

3. battery

drone sprayer 12S battery

usually first determine the battery capacity, and then select the maximum current. For example: 2200MAh 10C, then this battery can be: 2.2Ah* 10 = 22A, the maximum discharge current 22A of this battery obviously does not match the above ESC, so you need to choose at least 15C 2.2 * 15 = 33A. If a 2200MAh 20C battery is used, a motor with a maximum load current of 30A and an ESC with a maximum output of 45A is a more reasonable configuration. Selection order: Motor>ESC>Battery. Do not ignore the state of the motor and blindly choose the battery and ESC, otherwise the motor will be easily burnt out.

Please note that if the quad axis uses a 45A ESC, then we must use a 45A * 4 = 180A battery, so we can choose a 1800mah 4S100C battery, 1.8 * 100C = 180A has reached the best weight and capacity matching relationship. The four axes are multiple motors, so choose a larger battery.

4.water pump

drone sprayer water pump

The water pump is divided into a brushed water pump and a brushless water pump. The brushed water pump is prone to wear and tear because of the carbon brush, and the carbon brush needs to be replaced frequently. Simple, longer service life, brushless water pumps are usually powered by 24V or 12V