Indian government allows promotion of chemical spraying drones

FlyDragon ES616 drone chemical sprayer

Agriculture India issued a two-year provisional approval on April 18 to allow the use of drones to spray almost all registered agricultural chemicals in the country. The resolution deals with the use of drones to spray agrochemicals to kill pests in agriculture, forestry and non-crop areas.

The chemicals sprayer drones have been evaluated for safety and effectiveness, and growers are already using other methods to apply them. They include pesticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators (PGRs), biopesticides and botanical pesticides. The list includes 479 formulations containing single active ingredients as well as combination products.

While civilian drones are heavily regulated in India, the idea of using drones in agriculture has gained wide acceptance over the past few years with the policies set by the Indian government.

Unprecedented Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria) infestation in 2020. In November, in order to ensure a bumper crop. The Indian government has decided to use drones to spray chemicals on a large scale to eradicate locusts.

chemical spraying drones in Indian

Farmer Welfare Program

In order to promote agricultural drone technology and provide the country's food industry, the Indian government has signed a cross-regional support to include Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), which have the right to enjoy 75% of the purchase of drones for agricultural purposes. the discount of. This support was unprecedented.