Hybrid crop spot spray drone for Palm Oil Plantation

The pests and diseases of oil palm in Malaysia are different from other crops. The pests and diseases occur in the center of the tree. If spraying the whole number of pesticides will not only waste cost but also pollute the environment, FlyDragon Aviation Tech company's spot spray agricultural drone can target the center of the tree for spraying. 

Spot spray drone spraying method towards the tree center

1. RTK mapping

The job map is generated by RTK positioning. RTK can achieve centimeter-level precise positioning. The spraying distance of the spot spray drone can reach more than 1 meter, which can ensure that every oil palm tree heart can be sprayed with pesticides

2. The telescopic arm aims at the center of the tree

The nozzle of the spot spray drone is fixed on a 1.5-meter telescopic spray rod, which can be close to the tree core, reducing the dispersion of liquid medicine, saving pesticides, reducing environmental pollution, and having a good spraying effect.

"We are developing a more intelligent AI spot spray drone system. The drone system will automatically recognize palm trees and hover directly above the palm tree to perform operations, eliminating the need for RTK mapping,"FlyDragon Aviation company CTO Jason Wen Said