Hybrid crop spot spray drone for oil palm plantation in Malaysia

Most of the pests and diseases of oil palm plantations in Malaysia occur in the center of the trees. After the young oil palm trees are attacked by rhinoceros beetles and other pests, the whole plant may die or grow stunted. Serious damage to the palm trees can reduce the yield by up to 43%. In response to this disease, FlyDragon Aviation Tech. company invented an Hybrid crop spot spray drone, this drone can aimed at the center of the tree to spraying

By spot spraying, oil palm diseases can be controlled. The advantage of point spray drone sprayer for crop spraying is that it greatly reduces spraying costs and reduces the possibility of drug drift, and sprays accurately on the heart of the oil palm tree.

Advantages of Feilong Spot Spray UAV

1. RTK precise spraying

The job map is generated by RTK positioning. RTK can achieve centimeter-level precise positioning. The spraying of the spot spray drone can reach more than 1 meter, which can ensure that every oil palm core can be sprayed

2. The telescopic boom is aimed at the center of the tree

The spray head of the spot spray drone is fixed on a telescopic spray rod, which can get close to the tree core, reduce the spraying of liquid medicine, and the spraying effect is good.

3. Hybrid system

FDAD-H616L Hybrid crop spot spraying drone uses FD-6000W EFI hybrid drone generator. The advantages of hybrid power are longer battery life and high operating efficiency. You no longer need to carry a large number of batteries like electric drones when you go out working. You only need to add 95# fuel, and the flight cost is only Half of the flight cost of electric drones, and the operating efficiency is twice that of electric drones

EFI hybrid 6000W drone generator aerospace extender