Israel's Steadicopter company launches "Electric Black Hawk 50" unmanned helicopter

According to airrecognition November 8, 2021. Israel’s Steadicopter company recently launched the first electric unmanned helicopter "Electric Black Hawk 50". The aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 50 kg and a payload of 30 kg (including payload and additional batteries) , Battery life is two hours, can be used for search and rescue, intelligence, natural gas and oil rig transportation, naval missions and other scenarios.

The "Electric Black Hawk 50" unmanned helicopter is driven by dual electric motors and has all the functions of the gasoline-powered "Black Hawk 50", including vertical take-off and landing capabilities and long-term hovering capabilities, and is equipped for all mission scenarios throughout the day Advanced sensor suite. In addition, like other platforms in the "Black Hawk" series, the aircraft is highly adaptable to high-altitude flight, making it deployable in many high-altitude combat scenarios.

FD-150 Unmanned Helicopter For Delivery 

FD-150 delivery drone(Unmanned helicopter) was launched by Flydragon UAV  company's in 2021, it's use turboshaft engine, can payload 150kg, flight time is 3 hours, this drone can used for delivery, surveillance, rescue, etc.


Model: FD-150
Size: 3500mm * 1800mm * 1500mm

Payload: 150KG

Max takeoff weight:500KG

Flight time: 180 minutes
Engine: Turboshaft engine
Function: delivery, surveillance, rescue
Standard control distance: 50km
Maximum control distance: 200Km

Cruising speed: 80-100km / h

Fly height:4500m

Anti-wind: 7

FD150 dliver medical supplies for the army

4700m plateau performance test  payload 100KG