Drones for forest pest monitoring

In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of pine wood nematode disease, effectively prevent the pine wood nematode disease epidemic, and ensure the ecological safety of pine resources and the safety of people's lives and property, De'an County uses drones to carry out forest pine wood nematode epidemic monitoring.

"In the past, we used two legs and one pair of eyes to monitor the forest. If it rains, the conditions on the mountain will be worse. Now we have drones to help greatly improve the efficiency of the investigation." said Liu Yanjun, the forest manager of Aimin Township Government.

Aimin Township covers an area of 48,000 mu of forest land. In the past, it was difficult to complete the work in one month by relying on people to walk up the mountain step by step. This year, the Dean County Forestry Bureau used drone aerial photography to complete the entire forest monitoring in only two and a half days. Work.

After the drone aerial photography is completed, the technicians will synthesize the picture into the entire forest map. The area of diseased trees in different areas and the degree of epidemic situation can be accurately displayed. Later, the forest rangers will treat the pine trees according to the pests found in the investigation.

FDM07 drone for forest monitoring

mapping drone FDM07 Conduct small and large scale surveying & mapping missions with high precision data

mapping drone FDM07 Multi-rotor UAV is a 7KG multi-rotor flight carrier platform,It is portable, easy to use, easy to operate, efficient and stable, wind-resistant and durable. Certainly Located in large-load, long-endurance, and high-cost aircraft, it improves the efficiency of aerial survey operations and reduces , Low flight risks and operating costs, and strive to achieve good flight and good use!
mapping drone  Open flight control equipment compartment, compatible with most conventional flight control equipment on the market, mission. The device is mounted on cameras that support multiple specifications and types, and the flight uses 6S 30000 lithium polymer Battery to meet long battery life and high-quality shooting effects. mapping drone  Can be applied to topographic surveying and mapping, real scene Three-dimensional, agriculture, forest monitoring and animal husbandry protection, power line inspection, environmental protection, water conservancy and other aspects.

Product parameter specifications

Material: carbon fiber, PC, engineering plastics, etc.

Wheelbase: 700mm Captain: 500mm

Maximum flying weight: 7KG

Economic flight speed: 9M/S~12M/S

Payload: <2.5KG
Endurance: 65-70 minutes(with 500gram payload)
Wind resistance:

Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing

Disassembly and assembly method: disassembly and assembly without tools