Israel deploys drone swarms in battle in Gaza

The Times of Israel learned at the time that the Israeli military deployed a small group of four-rotor drones in the southern Gaza Strip, and each device was monitoring a specific piece of land. When a rocket or mortar fire is detected, other armed aircraft or ground forces will attack the fire source.

According to the Walla news website, based on the concept developed by the Israeli Defense Force’s experimental ghost force, a so far classified company of the Paratrooper Brigade has used drone groups dozens of times in combat. The mission of the unit is to try and create new troops. Tactics and fighting style.

 "After a year of preparations and exercises, the situation has come. The air detection system can detect the enemy and destroy it, and bring the results of the battle we are looking for." The company commander can only pass his rank and number one for security reasons. The major of the Hebrew initials "Mem" told the media. "We have conducted more than 30 flights with the drone swarm, collected accurate intelligence and assisted other drones in attacking targets," he said.

In the 11-day campaign called "Operation Guardians of the Walls," Mem's forces worked with the Elbit defense contractor, who made drones, and other forces within the IDF to improve their capabilities in real time.

According to Mehm, although his troops were first used in Gaza, it was more like a test run of the real threat they were preparing to deal with: Lebanon’s Hezbollah was considered a much stronger enemy than Hamas. . "We will not be satisfied with the status quo. We are already looking north and preparing for the action of the next war," he said. According to reports, the military also plans to expand the use of this technology to other ground forces in the future.

FD-1660 long endurance drone

FD-1660 long endurance drone

FD1660 six axis carbon fiber long endurance drone

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