Low Price Drone Sprayer begin to be windly used in western India

Drone Sprayer price

Although the Indian government has not fully liberalized the drone flight license. But India's Ministry of Agriculture is positive about the use of lower drone sprayer. In addition to saving time and money, agricultural drones also reduce the risk of exposure to chemicals. Some farmers in the Tirupur and Coimbatore regions have started using drones to spray pesticides to overcome labor shortages and save time.

Senthil Kumar, a farmer in Dharampuram who owns 20 acres of land, said: "A few months ago, I learned about a 16L agricultural drone through a friend, the pump pressure can reach 0.8Mpa, and the price is Rs 535,381.00. After watching the demo , I'm sure of its usefulness. The device outperforms a hand pump operated hand sprayer in spray capacity, amount of chemicals required, and spray duration. For example, a manual insecticide sprayer takes two hours to cover an acre of farmland , while the drone only takes 20-25 minutes.”

A hand sprayer covers an acre with 500-700 ml of insecticide and costs Rs 2,500 to 3,000. However, he noted that the drone uses only 200-300 ml, reducing the cost to Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200. Pravin Rajasekar, CEO of a company that sells agricultural drones, explains the advantages. "The machine is compact, while a manual sprayer weighs about 20kg and needs to be carried. The drone has three spray modes that help regulate the amount of pesticide sprayed."

E616S 6 Axis 16L drone dprayer frame

E616S Spraying Drone crop sprayer for Agricultural 6 Axis 16L 16kg UAV

E616S Spraying Drone has ability to cover varied and uneven terrain makes it as the perfect precision spraying tool. Crop drone drastically reduces the time and cost of manual spraying and hiring crop dusters. Our drones are ready to be deployed as agricultural crop.
The combination of speed and power means that an area of 4,000-6,000 m² can be covered in just 10 minutes, or 40 to 60 times faster than manual spraying.  Although we have seen  before, the electric Drone is reportedly able to cover much more ground per charge.  The interest in drones for agricultural crop sprayer continues to grow as does the corresponding options for UAV platforms increases.

E616S is the upgrade version of the popular E616 6 axis 16L uav agriculture drone. The main difference between the two is the folding parts. As all we know, the folding parts on those agriculture drones are really important. The new folding parts are injection-molded and the structure is more stable and durable.

The unique C-type arm fixing clip design can fix the arm with the fixing clip after the arm is folded, which avoids the problems of swinging and sagging of the arm during handling. The arm of the drone is 35mm in outer diameter, it did not come with motor mount, you can use the power combo suitable for 35mm arms for it.


Pump: 0.8MPA

1. Frame: Frame, arm, Landing gear, water tank, built-in distribution board, canopy
2.Spray system: pressure nozzle x 4, Pump x 1, 18mm water pipe 1 meter, 6mm water pipe 4 meters, buck type governor, pneumatic connector
3. All the above parts need to be self-assembled, and the assembler needs some experience of model airplane.

1. Frame KIT Package Included:

 E616S 6 Axis 16L UAV Drone Frame x 1
Spraying system x 1

2.KIT + 8318 motor Included:

E616S Frame x 1
Spaying system x 1
8318 100KV motor x 6
80A FOC ESC x 6
30×8.0 inches folding propeller x 6

crop sprayer
Reserved equipment expansion port
There are several equipement expansion ports reserved at the side and botton of the frame. It is convenient to install RTK, water pump, radar and other extended equipment under the premise of waterproof protection.
Reinforced Power Plug
The main power cable exits from the side,and the battery interface is fixed on the side of the landing skid to avoid obstruction of the plug when replacing the battery. The plug connector is more secure and stronger.
Cool taillights, Quick Tuning
Unique hexagon tail light design, with the flight controlller indicator built-in installation, waterproor and concise. There is USB data dable interface in the button,Settings can be adjusted without removing the canopy, more convenient.
Anti-collision Extension Nozzle
Lengthen the nozzle, and connect it with soft silicone, which can effectively prevent the nozzel from breaking when subjected to external force.
The new distribution board adopts a separate and hidden design to isolate the power supply and signals, optimize the internal electromagnetic environment of the aircraft, and provide a larger space for flight control installation, which makes the wiring more concise.
16L High Capacity Water Tank
Specially designed for bigger spaying aera. For the 16L water tank, it has big size liquid inlet, increase the efficiency.
Waterproof Body
The body is streamlined and full of science and technology.It is overall waterproof, can be washed directly with water.
Spraying Drone