India allows licensed agricultural drones for sale in the Indian market

agriculture drone for sale

In the past two years, nano-urea and liquid fertilizers have gained favor in India. By spraying foliar fertilizers on crops with drones, there is no need to fertilize the roots of crops. This greatly improves work efficiency and uses less fertilizer. Therefore, the Indian government agrees Agricultural drone for sale in India.

The central government is finalizing the legal sale of agriculture drone in India is seeing the huge economic benefits of using agricultural drones in European and American countries. Using drones to fertilize can help reduce costs, an aging workforce, and improve soil health.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) rules have been scrapped by the government and liberalized drone rules were introduced in August. "The new rules are built on the premise of trust and self-certification. Approval, compliance requirements and barriers to entry have been significantly lowered" - said then-Prime Minister Narendra Modi.