Most expensive drone 2020 TOP 5

Welcome to the world of high-end drone! This collection of drones ranges from $6,000 all the way to $300,000. What do you get in return for all that dosh? Some of the most exciting drones created, solving some big problems. We have selected high-end drones from 4 categories: aerial film making, surveying/mapping, long range surveillance and passenger transport. 

$6,000 – DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 1 brought aerial film-making to the masses, also appearing on professional film sets around the world. For the second generation model, top speed is increased to 58mph (94kph) with accelerated ascent and descent and automatic collision avoidance (objects within 100 feet). Flight time is 27 minutes and range is 1 mile.

$20,000 – Xactsense MAX-8

Designed from the bottom up for surveyors, the MAX-8  is capable of constructing 3D terrain maps (or point clouds) using LiDAR, which is basically radar with lasers! This heavy duty commercial drone can lift over 15 pounds (6.8kg) of sensor equipment with its 8 propellors, boasts a 35 minute flight time, 50 mph (80.5 kmh) maximum speed and 1 mile range. The MAX also includes a Sony A6000 24 megapixel camera, allowing LiDAR images and photographic images to be combined during ‘photo-mapping’. Check out the UAV LiDAR in action below.

$45,000 – Airborne Drones Vanguard

The standout feature of the Vanguard from Airborne drones is silent operation above 500 feet. The Vanguard achieves this by using large slow spinning propellors to create one of the smallest noise footprints available. Together with a stunning 94 minute flight time and 22 mile range, the Vanguard is the ultimate tool for stealthy and prolonged long-range video surveillance. The only disadvantage of the huge capability is a price tag of $40,000. However, for those users that need to avoid detection, this is still the clear choice. Check out flight footage from the Vanguard, including footage from an onboard thermal imaging sensor.

$150,000 – Scorpion 3 Hoverbike

The Scorpion-3 is a quadcopter drone with a bike’s chassis mounted on top. The designers wanted to create a drone with the manoeuvrability and ease of control of a teenager’s dirt bike. It can carry 19 stone, reach 30mph and fly for half an hour on one charge. The rider has manual control, but an inbuilt safety system limits speed to 30mph and altitude to 33ft. It is thought that the Scorpion-3 will initially be used for extreme sports, but could go on to be used by commuters. Watch the Scorpion-3 in action below.

$260,000 – Gasoline Hybrid VTOL UAV—FD180P



Body length




Maximum takeoff weight


Maximum payload




Flight radius


(depending on the amount of oil loaded)

Maximum control distance

Remote control (manual control): 1km

Ground station control (depending on the distance of the digital transmission): 30km standard

Maximum speed


Cruising speed


Maximum oil load


Lift limit


Maximum wind resistance

12m/s(6 level winds)

Use environment

-10+45; anti-light rain

Vertical takeoff and landing

32*8000mAh-6S Li battery

Takeoff and landing mode

Vertical takeoff and landing

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