Remote control drone without remote control

The remote control drones we have seen in the past all need a remote controller or a ground station to control the flight of the drone. Today I will recommend a remote control drone that can fly without remote controller.

Product Brief
Flybi is a crowd-funding aerial camera that is similar to other aerial cameras. It uses a four-axis flight format and can fly according to a set route. It has an automatic return function; the camera is 12 million pixels and can shoot 1080p video up to 60fps; flight The market has a maximum of about 28 minutes, a maximum speed of 50km / h, and a height of up to 2000m. The attached Hard Case (Helideck) power exchange system can store two spare batteries, support fast charging, and have two built-in USB heads.

I do n’t know if you ’ve ever played Call of Duty 11, the EXO (not a certain day regiment) armor worn by the protagonist is equipped with a control system on the arm part, and all kinds of diao explosion days. You may understand it when you see this. The FlyBi said that it is also equipped with a watch-type remote control. Using LCD display, single operating lever and turntable cooperate to control the body, the longest control distance can reach 1.2 miles.

In addition, you can also fly at the first angle through random VR glasses. The lens swing on the fuselage can be controlled through a head-mounted VR display. Wherever your head turns, the plane will fly. Does it feel like you're flying with you?

FlyBi is currently crowdfunding Indiegogo, with a scheduled price of 395 US dollars (about 2519 yuan), and a complete set of equipment equipped with VR glasses and special remote control will cost 1495 US dollars (about 9535 yuan).